Astronaut Rehearsals have taken lift off

This week saw the start of “Astronaut” rehearsals and as always they do not disappoint.

After landing in Dublin on Wednesday the team has wasted no time in getting straight into the thick of things .Filming on the streets of Dublin to capture essence of the city which will be on show and rehearsing between the “Axis” in Ballymun and the “Lab” on Foley street.

From what has been seen so far the excitement is electrifying .

The story of Astronaut follows the character “MAN” around the streets of Dublin in search of the last piece of his rocket ship . The story was inspired by the “Apollo House Movement” which took place last year when grass root activists occupied the building and housed forty people.

Homelessness has not ended ,has not gone away but has gotten worse and this piece wont let anyone forget that.

Astronaut runs in the “Camden Fringe” from the 16th to the 18th of August @ Moors Bar Theatre.

Like we said the excitement is electrifying and the buzz ….well the buzz is out of this world!IMG_0887

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