Astronaut: (2017)

Inspired by the Apollo house movement in 2016 and debuted at the Camden Fringe Festival 2107.The story of Astronaut follows a homeless man in Dublin, rummaging through the streets for the last piece of his rocket ship. On his quest the Man comes across some unforgettable truths of modern day Ireland as well as, reliving some of his own truths which brought him to this current situation. The night air brings with it a chill as the daylight becomes short-lived on this December afternoon yet still, Temperatures sore.This spoken word multimedia piece received a four star review  ★★★★ “Thought-provoking and insightful, Astronaut is beautifully crafted piece of storytelling. “

Project Queen: (2016)

Performed in the Axis in Ballymun Dublin,This intermedial piece was created by Joe Wright & Albert Rose.

Working between stage and screen this piece focused on the mainstream objectification of straight drag queens and hypocrisy within modern-day queer culture.Set in present day Dublin  the piece pays homage to its surroundings with witty one liners ,detailed descriptions of Public opinion and finally crescendo into a drag performance.

(The piece Won the 2016 Axis award for “Best new innovative work”).

Wake: (2016)

This site responsive Immersive theatre piece was performed on the Portobello Streets and Canal. Co Created by Catherine J.Russel ,Emily Matthews ,Joe Wright ,Christopher Murray , Christine Dornan and Hayley O’Reilly.

In a Celebratory year for the work of W.B Yeats .This project was created,Celebrating the life of old and the adventures of new Ireland.This story follows a family dispute during the wake of a family member .Broke into segments this piece shows the audience different elements of a full story which then come full circle in the stories conclusion.

You see me ,Now let me see you (2016)

A Live Art piece which was created and performed by Joe Wright.

The piece’s main focus is the public perception of depression and how to communicate.Letting the public surround the artist and release a thought onto their skin, a message or some sort of notation that gives that member of the public some release.

A gallery space takeover with  projected images of  the artists messages plays in the background ,Inspired by Artist Nate Hill and Mother Amy Pence Brown.

Mung (2015)

A mini play co created by Joe Wright & Emily Matthews,Performed in the New Theatre Dublin.

This piece focuses on the detrimental values which have subconsciously carried on from the 1970’s to present day Dublin. Views on homosexuality and racism are performed which highlight the similarity’s between the different decades  .Finally ending up in Black face this small piece tests nerves.

Please Leave A Message (2015)

This co created stage play was Performed in the Sean O’Casey theatre Dublin. Written by Joe Wright , Emily Matthews ,Martha Byrne and Colin Middleton. Directed by Kevin Ryan

This piece focused on educational pressures ,Depression and suicide .

The story follows four young college students dealing with family expectations ,loneliness and neglecting themselves. The protagonist named “Chevy” encounters everyone else’s problems without sharing any of his own,Carrying on his day-to-day while the pressure builds and house rents rise.